Ankle Physical Therapy

From the most fit athlete to the humble couch potato, ankle injuries are very common. Whether the ankle injury is the result of playing sports or from an accidental fall, the pain can be unbearable.

Those who are at higher risk and more prone to getting ankle injuries are athletes, the overweight and those who wear high-heeled footwear.

Because the ankle supports most of the body's weight, it is most susceptible to injury. Each year an estimated 2 million patients are treated for ankle sprains and strains.

Ankle Physical Therapy

With proper treatment ankle sprains and strains can heal within 2 to 6 weeks. Severe ankle injuries may sometimes take as long as 12 weeks to heal and may require ankle physical therapy.

Ankle physical therapy is meant to restore the balance and strength needed to support the body. Speed exercises, coordination and stretching of the Achilles tendon may take place during your physical therapy visit. Ankles are commonly taped up or supported with a brace until full function is restored.

Patients who suffer from an ankle injury are more at risk of re-injuring the ankle both during and after recovery, so it is extremely important to rehabilitate the ankle correctly through the use of ankle physical therapy.

Riverdale Sports Physical Therapy treats patients suffering from ankle injuries. Relieve the pain and restore the strength and balance to your ankle with ankle physical therapy.

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